5 Reasons Why “Day in the Life” Family Sessions are My Favorite

The idea of a Day in the Life family photo session can leave some parents with a few questions about whether or not it's right for them. This type of family photography isn't exactly mainstream (yet), and some may wonder why they should consider a Day in the Life session for their family. In this post I'll list five reasons why I believe your family could benefit from a Day in the Life family photo session.

(1) Day in the Life sessions are fun!

One of the best parts about a Day in the Life session is the fact that anything goes. Beyond time together at home, it’s up to you how you’ll spend the day. Whether that means going to your favorite park, taking a dip at the pool, going out for ice cream, doing errands, or just walking the dog — the activities you do will all consist of unique moments.  

Spending some time at the family park.
Learning to leap.
Sunday ritual: "helping" wash the car.
A quick ride down the street.

(2) You’ll get images you don't expect.

An exciting aspect about Day in the Life sessions is the element of surprise when it comes to seeing the images for the first time. For instance, there may be a moment during the session that you were not witness to — like some shenanigans happening in another room. Or maybe there’s a photo of you doing something you always do, but seeing yourself in the photo changes your perspective of it.

Carefully trying not to wake her before heading in for a nap.

In the living room; two different opinions of the sound of the blender making the morning smoothies.

(3) Be seen being the parent you are — not just posing as one.

I’m not a parent myself (yet). However, I am fortunate to have grown up with two loving parents, and I wish I had more photos of them “parenting.” For instance, photos of them picking me up from my music lesson, helping me with homework, showing me how to help cook dinner, teaching me how to swim, and the list goes on. From both you and your child’s perspectives, images like these will be priceless later in life.

Absorbed by a bedtime reading.
Getting ready for bed.

(4) Your children will witness the relationship you have with them.

This is a bit of an extension of number three, but it’s really important. There are details that may seem small but actually are huge indicators of the family dynamic. The way your child looks at you after telling a joke. The way you laugh at that joke (or not!). How you plays with the kids. How you get the kids ready for bed. 

Enjoying a laugh in the kitchen.
An afternoon read with mom.
Bedtime hugs with the family dog in observance.

(5) Details!

Details are so critical to our everyday lives that I believe we only have so much brain space to remember them so we can make space for new details that are more time-sensitive. That’s another way of saying we tend to forget some details from the past unless we have something to jog our memory of them. The way your child’s toes curl, their expressions when they’re upset, their expressions when they’re content, their artwork or their favorite toy, their newfound love for dancing, or how they used to snack on frozen peas. 

Focusing hard on the task at hand.
With recent artwork behind her, she plays with her favorite toy, "Lovey," while waiting for breakfast.
Not happy about cleaning up a spill he made.
Feeling content with dad at the park.
A favorite snack — frozen peas.
Discovering she loves to dance.

The bottom line is there are countless reasons why this type of family photography is important. Documentary family photography is a gift that allows us to preserve unique moments and memories that may otherwise disappear.